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Since 2015, Louis57 Travel has been creating memorable travel experiences in the golf world. We have an array of travel packages, including our exclusive Masters and Open packages, as well as a number of other exciting golf trips to Major Championships, competitions and holiday destinations to play the world’s top courses.
Our travel experts take the time to get to know you and are happy to customise itineraries to suit the specific needs and desires of discerning travellers. Whether you require private, leisure or corporate travel, Louis Travel will create the perfect itinerary for you. As soon as your journey starts, you’ll understand why Louis57 Travel has become an established and preferred brand.
We are committed to delivering value and providing travellers with exclusive access to the best in golf.

An integrated solution

Walk the site, getting a true feel for the space
Develop a working routing plan
Craft a hole-by-hole Master Plan
Develop detailed drawings
Proceed to construction and on-site detail design
Complete the process with the grow in


Our skill set includes

Development facilitation
Pre-planning and feasibility studies
Golf course design and construction
Large infrastructure development

basic contact details

Bertu Nel
Louis57 Group CEO
+27 (0)82 893 6848

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